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November 8, 2018 - Leading in an Era of Constant Change

Being in business today is unlike any other time in history. Not better or worse, different. 

It seems every day brings something new in what customers want, what the team needs, what is possible with our products / service, economy, politics, society in general.

While you cannot predict every change coming your way, it is your responsibility to build a business that can flourish in this dynamic environment

Join us at, along with the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce, at this hands one workshop. Recognize when and how you need to make adjustments in your business to stay relevant.

Sept 28, 2018 - 4th Quarter Planning Day

Finish 2018 STRONG. You still have 25% of the year to make an impact in your business. Spend the morning with other focused business owners to set your action plan and learn new things. The best business education in Minneapolis area for your small to mid-size business training.

Join These Groups Learning More About Business Growth

Wednesday 9/19/18  11:30 - 1:30   Women In Networking

   The Strength of Women Entrepreneurs

Wednesday 10/10/18  11:00 - 1:00 pm Connecting Women in Business

   Small Business That Works

Tuesday 10/16/18  Women Venture Lunch & Learn

    Busting Through the Bottlenecks in Business

Thursday 11/08/18  7:30 - 9:30 am  Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce Education Series

   Leading in an Era of Constant Change

What other attendees have said about our events

  • Great strategies to help growth of entrepreneurs in a setting with fellow business owners
  • A chance to look at your business, but more importantly yourself, from the outside, and receive coaching on how to blaze forward toward your goals
  • Motivating, educational, a must in the learning process of being able to build good teamsThank you for yesterday [training session], that was very inspiring and up lifting, kind of like putting on new glasses! 
  • Each time I attend one of these planning sessions I have new energy to go with my re-focused plan
  • A great chance to learn something new and meet other business owners
  • Always leave with something specific to implement asap
  • It goes so fast, how about a full day of learning ?
  • I like being able to share what I have learned with others and I always learn something new too
  • Barbara's dedication in the education of business owners is spot on. She understands and conveys the education message in a manner that is clearly understood by all who encounter her 
  • All this in just a couple of hours, what will you take back to your business with you?