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Have a Plan


Master Coach Barbara Zuleger is the founder and CEO of Performance Partners Coaching.  

Her mission is to help family owned businesses thrive. From strategy to implementation it all takes a plan. 

"Our proprietary systems work. Each plan is personalized for the individual

 business owner's vision."

Whether you are looking for a consultant, sales training, or business coaching. Barbara can make the difference for your business

Close the Deal


Coach Jeff Conner joined the team at Performance Partners Coaching in 2019.

Jeff has build his business to work with him freeing up his time to follow another passion, helping you do the same. Jeff specializes in sales training, thinking big, and using your mindset to build your dreams

Whether your sales team is just you, or it is a team of hundreds, Jeff can help you to love sales and get the best return on your investment in the sales team.

"Sales is a noble and needed profession, embrace it and thrive."

Ask for Help


We partner with other professionals who have the same passion for family owned businesses. Stop spending endless hours trying to find the right person you can trust. Our business coaching partners are experienced, small business owners who get where you are at. We are here to help.

Who can we introduce you to today?